The third stop of the IWSS 2017 takes us to the very heart of the picturesque city of Prague


Prague/Czech Republic

GPS: 14° 23′ 53″ E, 50° 00′ 50″ N
PORT62 restaurant boat (
K jezu, Praha 4
Friday, August 25
Registration 15:00 - sunset 
Official Training 15:00- sunset (5 min incl.)
Saturday, August 26
Late Registration 9:00 -10:00
Official Training 9:00 - 11:00
Qualification Runs 12:00 - 16:00
Head to Head Finals 17:00 - sunset
Riders Party 

Each surfer starts his run with a time frame of 30 second (40 seconds for the girls).

For each trick - depending on its difficulty and the quality of execution – the surfer gets awarded extra time which adds up to the 30 seconds. The athlete with the longest runtime wins.


The surfer can choose from all kind of boards: Skim, Skimsurf or Surf.

Each surfer has a training time of 5 minutes within the announced periods.



Each surfer has the opportunity to participate in 2 qualification rounds (if conditions allow).

The better of his runs - the one with the longer runtime - counts towards the ranking, the participation in a second round is not mandatory.



The number of finalists of each gender class will be determined by the organizer:

either the best ranked 8 surfers from the preliminiaries or the best ranked 4 riders from the preliminaries will proceed to the head-to-head finals.

If a finalist – for whatever reason – does not show up at the start of the final round her/his place will be taken by the next ranked surfer.